Misting system water filters and accessories help strain out debris and impurities. When water passes through filters, particles and other matter become trapped. These misting system filters purify the water from unwanted particles and help you generate fine quality mist.

The main function of a sediment filter is to remove large and fine particles from misting water.

De-Scaling: Not only does FILTERSORB® SP3 prevent scale formation, but it also helps to remove the previously formed scales. During the flow some of the micro-bubbles are losing a small amount of CO2, which diffuses rapidly in water and interact with surface scale, especially in closed spaces (pipes, boilers, etc). As a result, the scale which is already present on these surfaces is removed slowly. Once formed and detached from the surface of FILTERSORB® SP3 media beads, the crystals will not adhere to any other surfaces. The crystals cannot form scale because of its stable molecular structure and neutral surface electro potentiality.