8230 Cat Pumps Electric Flexible Coupling, Pump Shaft 20mm-Motor Shaft 1 1/8″

Electric Flexible Coupling

Model: 8230

Cat Pumps Direct-Drive Flexible Couplings feature special urethane flexible spyder designed for extended life with high temperature and high RPM. Selecting a compact direct drive package allows you to reduce space requirements compared to belt or gearbox assemblies as well as eliminating the need for belt selection, sizing, and adjustment. For a complete drive package, combine with Cat Pumps Bell Housing.

Model 8230 Flexible Coupling is designed for 184TC frame motors up to 74 FT.LBS./10 HP. For selection and further information, refer to the data sheet.

Technical Specifications
Accessory Type Couplings
Description 5CP & 5FR Series to 182/184TC NEMA Motor – 74 FT.LBS./10HP Max


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