Variable Speed Misting Pump


The cutting-edge Aeromist Variable Speed Misting Pump is designed to revolutionize your misting experience.

At the heart of this pump lies a Heavy Duty Cat Pump, renowned for its reliability and performance. With a Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled system, it ensures optimal cooling and protection for prolonged operation. What sets this pump apart is its Variable Speed Drive, allowing you to precisely control the misting output, resulting in energy savings and tailored comfort.

Equipped with Internal Mounted Solenoid Zone Valves, this pump offers convenient zone control for customized misting areas. It incorporates Low Water Protection programming, ensuring the pump is safeguarded against potential damage due to low water levels. The Dual Filtration system guarantees clean and refreshing mist, free from impurities.

Built to withstand outdoor elements, this pump is Outdoor Rated and Weather Resistant, making it a reliable choice for any environment. Its Durable Powder Coat Finish adds a layer of toughness, while the Disconnect Switch provides a convenient way to shut off the power when needed. For single-phase models, the pump is Cord Connected for hassle-free installation.

Upgrade your misting system with the Variable Speed Misting Pump and experience unparalleled control, energy efficiency, and durability. Embrace the power of customization and order now for a refreshing misting experience like never before.


Additional information

Flow Rate

.50 GPM, 1.0 GPM, 1.5 GPM, 10.5 GPM, 2.0 GPM, 2.1 GPM, 3.0 GPM, 4.0 GPM (Call for Pricing), 5.0 GPM (Call for Pricing), 6.0 GPM (Call for Pricing), 7.4 GPM (Call for Pricing)


120 VAC, 208/230-1 Phase, 208/230-3 Phase, 460 Volt-3 Phase

Number Of Zones

1, 2, 3, 4

Direct Drive Misting Pump Direct Drive Enclosed Misting Pump Pulley Driven Enclosed Misting Pump
Our entry-level model is attractively priced, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for a mist system at an affordable price point. Our most popular model is both affordable and built to last, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable mist system. Our top-of-the-line model is built to last and offers an exceptionally quiet operation, creating a tranquil atmosphere wherever it’s running.
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65-75 dB 60-70dB 45-55 dB
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