Pump Maintenance Kit For Open Direct Drive Pumps

Our pump maintenance kit includes a new 5 micron 10″ sediment filter and a 21oz bottle of pump oil. We recommend to change the filter element each year and change the oil in the pump after 500 hours of use or every other year which ever comes first.

Cat Pumps requires the use of its specially formulated hydraulic oil. Cat Pumps custom blended crankcase oil is exclusively designed, tested and proven to maximize the life of Cat Pump products. This special formulated premium grade, petroleum-based, ISO 68 hydraulic oil contains an advanced additive package to protect against wear, oxidation, rust and corrosion.

  • Anti-wear additives protects metal to metal drive surfaces, extending drive life
  • High oxidative and chemical stability resists deposit formations and provides consistent fluid performance
  • Premium anti-corrosion additives offer protection in the most demanding operating environments


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Additional information

Weight 2.3 lbs


· Includes 57025 Pump Oil and 57011 10″ Filter Element
· Recommended to change oil every 500 hours of operation
· Recommended to change filter annually