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5 Nozzle Threaded Fogger Head

Aeromist 5 Nozzle Clusters allow you to tailor the fog density to suit your specific needs, whether you desire a subtle mist or a dense and dramatic fog effect. This flexibility ensures that you can create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion or setting. The cluster is engineered to produce a thick and mesmerizing fog, perfect for creating a captivating ambiance for events, theatrical productions, or simply adding a touch of mystique to your outdoor space. The nozzles are meticulously crafted to ensure a consistent and uniform fog output, providing an immersive experience for both personal and professional use.

The 5-Nozzle Cluster is designed for easy integration into your fog system. Available in both 10/24 and 12/24 thread sizes, it can be seamlessly connected to your existing fogging setup, allowing for hassle-free installation and immediate fogging capabilities.

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Weight .05 lbs


Accepts five nozzles, stainless steel. Ideal for fog effects and other applications requiring concentrated fog.

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Our entry-level model is attractively priced, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for a mist system at an affordable price point. Our most popular model is both affordable and built to last, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable mist system. Our top-of-the-line model is built to last and offers an exceptionally quiet operation, creating a tranquil atmosphere wherever it’s running.
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