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Ecosmart Scale Control Filter

Removes Chorine / Ammonia from the water. Increases the life of the water pump and keeps spray nozzles will stay clean from Hard Scale (Calcium) build-up.


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Our Eco-Smart Scale Filter designed to ensure the purest misting experience. By effectively straining out debris and impurities, our filters guarantee a high-quality mist while extending the lifespan of your misting system.

Our Misting System Filters act as guardians, purifying the water by trapping unwanted particles and impurities. With their efficient design, these filters remove large and fine particles, resulting in a refined misting water quality.

Not only do our filters remove particles, but they also tackle chlorine and ammonia, delivering cleaner and safer misting water. By eliminating these chemicals, our filters contribute to the longevity of your water pump and prevent spray nozzles from clogging due to hard scale (calcium) build-up.

Enjoy the benefits of our chlorine, chloramine, and VOC (volatile organic compounds) removal, ensuring a refreshing mist without any harmful substances. Our filters are phosphate-free, guaranteeing a chemical-free misting experience.

By incorporating our Misting System Water Filters and Accessories, you increase the longevity of your pump, prevent scale build-up, and ensure your spray nozzles remain clean and efficient. The quick and easy installation process means you can enjoy the benefits of purified misting water in no time.

Choose our Misting System Water Filters and Accessories for a cleaner, more efficient misting system. Enhance your misting experience with pure water and enjoy the longevity of your system. Experience the convenience of installation and reap the rewards of a refreshing and rejuvenating mist.

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Weight 0.85 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 3 × 3 in
Direct Drive Misting Pump Direct Drive Enclosed Misting Pump Pulley Driven Enclosed Misting Pump
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